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Having the best website possible for their firm is a common goal for most lawyers. One of the main reasons is because it’s a visible differentiator from other companies. However, having a great website doesn’t mean that you need to think about complicated features or content. In fact, it’s totally the opposite, as long as you have an easy but optimized website, it will have more impact to generate trust and attract potential clients.

If you are a lawyer and you have a web page, your goal should be that the website helps you directly or indirectly to generate more clients. However, that your website provides customers depends largely on how optimized and well built it is. In this article, we will outline some simple aspects that your website must follow to be successful and ensure it’s on the right track.


Why do lawyers need to be online in the first place?

Today, we must understand that your image is your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer, psychologist or engineer. We must all show our market who we are and why they should hire us instead of our competitors.

 A website is like having a business card, which means an essential part of being a professional that is open for business. The first reason to have a website is that you need potential clients can learn about you, get in touch, and find you.

Most of the potential clients who might hire you will want to find out more about you before they contact you. In addition, you now that the way everyone finds out more about things is the internet. So, why hide you from the rest of the world?

We are not saying that having a website will guarantee you permanent business along the year. However, if you don’t have a decent one, people will generally contact another lawyer instead of you.

If you are a lawyer and you think having a website is too complicated, let me tell you that lawyers only need a simple and easy website. There is no need for super advanced technology here. We will show you the simplest aspects you should focus on and optimize. In order to have a successful online platform without many efforts or unnecessary headaches.

Your website must satisfy the basic reasons for its existence, which are:


  • Enough and detailed contact information:

Keep in mind that the most important function of your website is to make it easy for potential clients to contact you. Information like phone number, email address, and physical address should be easy to find.

Place this information at the top of every page of your website. Create a contact section where you insert an embedded map from Google Maps. Include bus routes, details about the parking, building directions and any other tool that helps visitors to get to your office comfortably.


  • Responsive design:

Don’t forget to design your contact page in a way that it be easy to read from a smartphone. This aspect is related to the responsive design of your entire website. Think that most of the people searching for recommendations or local services on the internet do it through other mobile devices different from the pc.

Having a responsive design is very important for any website. Working in the mobile design of your page isn’t a waste of time at all. The percentage of people that visit websites through smartphones or tablets is increasing. Sometimes the only impression of your firm they will get before they contact you will be based on what your website looks like on their phone.

  • A simple but efficient front page with useful information:

            Most of your potential clients won’t be familiar with the process of hiring a lawyer for the first time. It’s not a common service one acquire every day. In this manner, you should use this lack of knowledge to make your website very understandable and easy to read. Everyone who enters to your page should be able to identify if it’s in the right place for the services it requires.

You have to be clear by specifying whom you help in one sentence. This must be the first sentence of your front page. Instead of focusing the information in your years or areas of experience, pay more attention to showing which the clients you help are. It’s about facilitating visitors to know if your firm is the right one.

If your firm works with multiple or unrelated practice areas, consider that you may have a single client profile. One good example is the fact that some lawyers offer multiple services but all directed to small businesses. Also for people dealing with a divorce or for end-of-life legal matters.

It’s as simple as creating a front page with several links to landing pages for each type of client.


  • The services you provide:

Another of the main purposes of a lawyer’s homepage should be showing the main areas of practice served by the office. It is not necessary to list all the services and types of cases that the dispatch provides. Only those that are the most important and the main ones.

In addition, try to add a “more services” link.  It will clear that the firm provides other services to any potential client that doesn’t fit in any of the highlights. We will avoid that a client leaves if is not finding what it’s looking for at a first sight.


  • Personal information about you or your firm:

It’s positive to show on the home page of your law firm a brief presentation about the law firm or lawyer with the main characteristics that distinguish it.

Some aspects that can be highlighted, depending on each case are:

 The years of experience, the number of lawyers working in the office or the number of cases won, to give some examples.

Do not go into much detail, just a few brief strokes for the potential customer to see who is behind the website. It’s very important to start generating confidence. Note that after the front page, the most visited section of your website will be your bio. Mainly because potential clients want to “meet you” before they contact you.

Your bio page should have a professional and nice photo of you. It totally worth the effort to hire a professional photographer for this purpose. Mentioning the abilities of your CV is important but that doesn’t mean they need to be the main features of your bio page. Try to change this and introduce yourself to your readers. In this manner,  your potential clients know if you are the right lawyer for them.

Build your bio page to answer these type of questions in an objective way:

  • Do you have experience doing what your client needs?
  • What kind of work are you good at?
  • What do your clients think of you?

In this manner, you can note that as a lawyer, developing a website doesn’t have to be a complicated job. Just focus on providing your potential clients with clear information about your office, your professional journey, and services. Make it simple for you and for them! And if you have any doubt, in the Digitan Media team, we will help you to develop an easy website to reach your target and obtain positive results!