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To position your brand with success, counting with a good Marketing Plan on Social media is truly necessary. We are talking about the platform that will help you reach your audience with your commercial proposals. However, to make that your marketing plan works, you need an essential piece to hold it up, which is the creation of high-quality contents.

              Generating original and qualified content requires a big job in terms of planning and organization. From this point, we enhance the importance of having a Social Media Calendar so you can plan your best agenda according to the needs of your business.

              In this manner, you can translate the relevant information and the channels where you will distribute it in a single place. This will help you to order your actions and take the best decisions. 

Why using a Social Media Calendar for your content?

            Because it will let you organize how you choose and generate your content so you can optimize your editorial strategy. Besides, the Social Media Calendar saves you time in terms of managing your publications, giving you a better view of your resources, so you can clearly evaluate what you have been publishing to make the best decisions on how to continue.

              Your Social Media Calendar must be practical, so make sure it fulfills the following requirements:

  • Quick read: you need to identify anytime at which point you locate in the agenda.
  • The most complete as possible: showing all the elements that integrate your content marketing campaign such as articles, channels, authors, dates, etc.

              Consider that you don’t need fancy nor complicated programs to create a Social Media Calendar; you can start by using a spreadsheet and dedicate one sheet for each month.

              As you can note, the main reason to recommend you using this working tool is to be able to organize better your Marketing Strategy, so you can optimize your communication efforts and increase its effectivity. However, consider these 5 powerful reasons to use a Social Media Calendar that will make you wonder why you didn’t think about it before.

  1. Organize the performance of your content editors:

              We agree that hiring content editors is an excellent way to optimize your communication efforts and save you money in the long-run. However, sometimes the level of production doesn’t meet your expectations and needs. That’s why through a Social Media Content Calendar you can assign specific homework for each one of your editors.      

              It is also advisable to determine which of your authors will write different types of articles according to their level of knowledge. Proceeding in this way with some advance, it will give your editors time to carry out the necessary investigations.

              In addition, having a Calendar will let you organize the homework distribution in terms of generation and promotion of content. In this case, you can optimize the employment of your resources and decide who will dedicate to the creation or the promotion of content at a certain point.  


  1. Boost the effectivity of your content:

              It happens that often, new people in the field of Social Media Marketing point all their actions in the direction they consider the most appropriate, without taking into account the qualities of their audience. That can be a fatal error, given that the lack of a well-defined target audience does not allow generating relevant content and, as a result, the entire communication strategy falters.

              A Social Media Content Calendar can be a solution for this issue because by having your content organized by different criteria, you can easily analyze and evaluate the performance of your posts with tools like Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc.

              In this manner, you can have a better perception about which of your posts work better and in which schedules, letting you re-orientate your strategy into the most convenient direction for each social network.

3. It reminds you of important dates:

             Forgetting important events can mean a great loss in terms of taking advantage of opportunities to promote your brand in Social Networks. For example, if you do not have an organized agenda you could miss Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day, and as a result, you would lose the possibility of multiplying your sales through the impulse of own consumption of special vespers.

A Social Media Calendar will help you to avoid these oversights because you will include all the significant dates in the monthly forms. Then, we recommend you to activate alerts in advance for each of those important dates. In this way, you can carry out the necessary research and planning to get the most out of every day. It’s also very useful to include holiday periods so that you can accommodate your strategy in the best possible way.


4. Organize your Previous Research:

          Sometimes we come up with excellent ideas for articles and then we figure out that they are more complex to write a good piece of content in the time we settled in the first place. In this manner, a Social Media Calendar will give you the necessary advance to prepare your posts with a good previous research without changing the date of publication established for each topic.

5.Manage better your efforts in Social Media:

It’s very frequent to see cases of “decompensation” in Social Media. Despite having a good organization and pace of work, one of your Social Networks turns out to be saturated with content. This means that it has a high frequency of publications, but your audience does not seem to react to them. In parallel, another of your accounts could be off, since you cannot reach your audience with your content.

A Social Media Content Calendar can be very useful to solve this situation; the first thing you should do is indicate which contents will be promoted through which Channels. You can also assign an icon of the corresponding Social Network next to each publication, so that you can easily see in which Social Networks you are sharing more posts.

In this way, whenever you see too much of an icon and very little of another, you can adapt your strategy to balance the situation. For this purpose will be necessary to consult your statistics and keep the number of posts necessary for each Network, according to the reaction of your audience.

A monthly Social Media Calendar should include:

  • Events and launches planned for the month.
  • Goals and content plans.
  • Content scheduled in advance and slots for content created at the time.
  • Experiments.
  • Contents previously re-published (“evergreen” recycled content).
  • Categories and proportions (some of the aforementioned rules or a proportion already appropriate to your business).

              Consider that a calendar with a month projection is open to all changes that may occur throughout the weeks. We have already seen how beneficial it is to maintain order and make planning more flexible, often subject to the immediacy of social networks.

              One of the most popular strategies you can consider is to offer free content for the entire month and then, asking your users for a paid subscription for more exclusive information, the purchase of an e-book or another product or service that can be even more useful for them. We recommend you to do this at the end of a month because your readers will be familiarized with the quality of your content.

              At that point, they should see you as an important reference of your field, that’s why you need to join efforts offering the most qualified content for the entire month, so your readers can be sure that the product you are selling to them will be more awesome than your regular content.

              In this way, planning your Marketing Campaign  through a social media calendar will allow you to better organize the time and frequency of content launch in your campaign, and will help you maintain the consistency of your message, acting as the central resource where all the materials and communications of your campaign are located!