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We know that being a contractor is probably not the most glamorous job in the world. However, it doesn’t stop being an incredible and very important activity! In this manner, if you are a contractor you have no excuse for not becoming part of the Digital Marketing world.

            The reality is that being a contractor is not an easy job and definitely, many people want to get a peek inside your world. As a contractor, people are talking about you; the quality of your work, your professional appearance, and your reasonable prices. In this field, the word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most important channels.

            Before hiring a local contractor for any project, people always ask first for personal references. In this manner, it’s the right time to get online and spread the word even further!

            We know that online marketing represents an investment. However, we will explain to you some reasons about why it’s an investment that’s well worth your attention as a contractor!

  1. Your online reviews will attract more clients:


            As long as they are positive and realistic, they will. It’s very interesting and useful to know that 84% of people trust online reviews, as much as personal recommendations. It doesn’t matter if your customers are reviewing you on Facebook or Google because they work as your spokespeople.


            Potential new customers will trust these people to provide authentic reviews of your services.  They make a huge difference because most users on the internet are “shy” about contacting someone that is completely unknown in the online field.  In fact, 54% of people will visit your website after reading positive reviews.


  1. Your website is an extension of your business card:

            If you already have a website as a contractor, you need to be constantly updated to the latest needs and trends in your field. Why? Because an outdated website says much about your services. It generally evokes an appearance of unprofessionalism. You need to be conscious of how powerful your website can be if you use it wisely.

            You need to think about implementing a modern design with useful information for you readers. If you include positive reviews, how-tos and multimedia content, your company will assume a position of authority in the construction field.


            It’s necessary to invest in a high-quality website because it shows your readers that you believe your company is worth investing in.

3: You can get a financial advantage of online ads:

            Having extra incomes is always welcome for your business. However, currently, contractors need to take the best advantage of digital marketing. Especially because according to a study from WordStream, the consturction’s industry has a conversion rate of 2.58%. This percentage is even higher than other popular sectors in the industry such as retail.

This means that you have high probabilities of people viewing your ads and clicking on them. It’s definitely a good idea to invest on a website!

 4: Being on social media is the next step!

I know that being on Google is a huge step for contractors. However, it’s just the first step to be updated in the digital world. The main goal should be taking part of the social media channels to spread your content in more platforms.

Social media is a go-to tool, so you can’t think about launching a digital marketing campaign without including it. Gaining visibility on this platform is a true challenge. We can’t deny that it was easier a few years ago. However, this is the perfect scenario to show your professionalism, courteousness, and the quality of your work.

We are not saying that you need to take part of every single social platform out there. This will depend on your audience location; you may discover that your potential customers are on Instagram and Facebook rather than Pinterest. For this type of analysis, Digitan Media offers the best advice, following a personalized study of your brand and area of work.

You must go, investing time and resources where your potential clients are! Think about being on Google in this way; if you are a potential customer and you are deciding between one constructor and another, you will pick the one whose customer service and professionalism is showcased on social media platforms.

5: Your work becomes visually appealing:

A huge advantage of the construction industry is the fact that every work and result can be showed with visual multimedia content. Even when it sounds basic, not all the business, industries or service can visually recreate how they work looks or represents. We are saying that some industries are difficult to put into pictures.


We can see how some of the big data companies and those who offer services have to rely on completely different manners to tell their stories. However, in the construction field, it’s very easy to achieve a compelling storytelling. It’s right there, in your daily activities and routine as a contractor!


Documenting how is a day in your work by taking pictures or recording short or long videos it’s an excellent way to bring your audience closer to what you do. It gives them a clearer idea about your work. They discover the human side of such a hard work. This will be the first step to develop loyalty to your brand.


Recording a time-lapse video is a great way to show your customers before and after pictures of your work, the same as the efficiency with which you develop your activities.


Our best recommendation to get the most out of this digital revolution is not only become part of Google as a contractor. This is a very important step because it represents the first one to get part of the latest advances in digital marketing.


If you are already on Google, we encourage you to share photos, videos and other valuable content on your website. The most important is not only being online but actually offering your readers a transparent view of the products and services you offer. Only in this way, they will feel closer to your work, with enough confidence to choose your work.


If you need help with your online presence as a contractor don’t doubt a second to contact us today. We will do our best to make things easier for you, facilitating your journey through this Digital Marketing world.