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Why must lawyers understand SEO as one of the main rules of Law Firm Marketing in Markham?

The evolution of Law Firm Marketing in Markham tells us that SEO positioning must occupy a priority place in the customer’s acquisition of any lawyers firm. This is the most rentable and sustainable catchment channel, in the medium and long-term for this kind of business. In this manner, we want to help you understand how does SEO for lawyers work. Including the most important ways to get the most benefit for your office.

SEO is very important for lawyers because of the cost-effectiveness of the customer acquisition channel.  These are the different ways that a law firm has to obtain clients through the internet. The main channels that a law firm should consider are:

  • Google Adwords.
  • Customer acquisition platforms (such as Easyoffer or Abogadea)
  • Organic Search Engine positioning (SEO).

Of all these channels, SEO positioning is the most profitable. It’s the only one that can provide customers to your office without any charge.

With Adwords, you will have to pay for each visit you generate for your Law Firm’s website. With acquisition platforms, in one way or another, you must pay to have access to customer contact data. Even for each time that a potential customer contacts the office.

Don’t take this article as a recommendation to not working with paid channels. Having to pay for getting access to potential customers is not something negative. In fact, it can accelerate the recruitment of clients, as long as your firm takes more money per client than it has to invest in capturing it.

By applying the most important strategies of Law Firm Marketing in Markham, your business will become part of a completely different dynamic. Potential clients want to hire a lawyer through the Internet. Depending on their location and query, your website may appear in their search engine results.

If a user decides to click on your web page and ends up becoming your client, you will not have paid anything to capture it. Everything you invoice to that client will be benefits for your business.


SEO positioning is equivalent to Long-Term results!

Professionals in the Law Marketing in Markham are very clear about this. You must bear in mind that even knowing SEO positioning is the most profitable channel in the medium and long-term for any law firm. However, it won’t help you to generate remarkable results in the short term. 

If you want to attract customers urgently, then you should prioritize the first two short-term recruitment channels. These are Google Adwords or the platforms we already mentioned.

If you are looking to attract customers in the very short term, you will have to give SEO positioning a lower priority. However, you should work it equally since you will be investing in the future of your office

With SEO positioning, you will not see results from one day to the next due to the nature of Google’s positioning algorithms. Many small improvements are necessary to progressively climb positions in the search engine and get more customers.

As time is a key factor, it is important that you start with your SEO strategy as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s with a small budget and working it with little steps. Every small improvement will need time to provide results, so the sooner you start, the sooner the results will arrive.

Look for a truly SEO lawyer specialist!

Each type of business has different particularities and to get the most out of them you have to know in depth the sector, in this case, the Law Firm Marketing in Markham. In addition, note that the legal field is especially competitive in SEO. This is because of the large number of firms, law firms, and customer acquisition platforms that compete to attract the same target.

Therefore, before hiring a marketing agency or freelance, look for evidence that confirms their experience working in SEO for lawyers. Requesting references from other offices with which they have worked previously is also a good idea. Otherwise, you will risk investing money in a collaboration of months that might not provide you with the best results.


Understanding the Law Firm Marketing in Markham through SEO Positioning

Regularly, the positioning algorithms of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., go through changes and evolutions to improve their results. In addition, new factors are included and they modify the importance that each of them has in the result. None SEO expert could possibly know the complete formula due to the fast evolution of digital marketing. The specialists are based on their previous experiences and the knowledge and training they have acquired.

In this manner, we will share the most important factors to get the best results. The Law Firm Marketing in Markham supports this process  SEO positioning.


1. Set up your office correctly in Google My Business:

This is a key factor that many offices erroneously overlook and its importance is vital to achieve a better SEO for lawyers. In addition, it is something that you can do completely free of charge. Especially without the need for the services of a positioning specialist. You have no excuse for not doing so.

Google My Business is the place where you can centralize information about your business available to Google. It has a great impact on positioning. Setting up the dispatch tab correctly in Google My Business is essential in the SEO positioning strategy for lawyers.


2. Get ratings and opinions about your law firm:

As a search engine, Google’s priority is to provide users with the most appropriate search results. Its mission is to solve user’s queries in the best possible. When a user searches in Google anything related to booking or contracting a service. (In the case of lawyers, searches such as “lawyers in Markham”, “claim floor clause”, “divorce in Markham” …). For these cases, Google will customize the results to provide the most relevant to the user.

One of the factors that Google considers to decide or not to show your business is the geographical proximity. However, another important factor is the opinions of other clients.

From Google’s point of view, if a law firm has 25 ratings with an average score of 4.5 out of 5. Another one has 1 rating with a score of 2 out of 5. It makes sense to prioritize the one with the best ratings, right?


3. Optimize the website of your law firm:

The main objective of the SEO positioning strategy for lawyers is to get visits to the office’s website. You need to increase the conversion rate of visitors into clients of the office. To meet both objectives, your office needs a web page that maximizes the options that both Google and your potential customers like.


  • Use a secure browsing, recognizable by the https: // of the address of the page instead of the traditional http: //. This is important both to improve SEO positioning (Google has confirmed that it has a positive impact), and to increase user confidence.


  • Include a responsive design. The design and content of the page are perfectly adapted to the size of the screen. This allows the web to look equally good on both a mobile and a computer.


  • Watch your loading time. Neither Google for positioning nor users for browsing like a slow web page. The slower your website is, the worse the positioning will be and the lower the conversion rate of visitors to users.


  • Don’t forget the content of the website; it should be trustable and valuable to your audience.


  • Keep the contact information very clear. In this way, the visitor must always know what to do to contact the office to encourage them to call, write an email or complete the contact form.


  • Have a section or page with information about the office. You can include the history of the office, information about the partners and other members of the office. Also, consider any other information that contributes to humanize the website.


  • Have detailed information about the areas of practice and specialties of the firm. This will help generate more keywords that help the SEO positioning of your website.


4. Do not forget about Google Maps!

Google Maps is the second place where customers go to hire a lawyer, after the Google search engine. The client profile that uses the maps to do your search is quite interesting. Their search shows a greater predisposition to go to the office when looking for those that are closer to their home or place of work.

Getting good positioning in Google Maps is also part of the SEO strategy for lawyers. Luckily, registering your office in Google Maps and configuring it correctly is quite simple and it’s also done from Google My Business. According to the Law Firm Marketing in Markham, this is vital for local businesses.


5. Set up Google Search Console correctly:

This step is quite technical and although surely you cannot do it directly.  You should make sure that the person who develops or maintains your website does it correctly.

Google Search Console ( is an online tool that Google makes available to owners/administrators of web pages. They can manage different topics related to the relationship between their website and Google.

Among its main advantages is the possibility of correctly configuring the rise of sitemaps (a file that contains an index of the pages of a website so that Google knows which pages to index in its search engine).  Through this platform, Google also notifies errors and other types of problems on the website that affect positioning.


6. The importance of choosing and working correctly the keywords:

Keywords are a determining factor to improve your position in the Google search engine. We call keywords to those queries that a user will most likely enter in the search he or she does.

It is essential that you understand which are the keywords for which you want your law firm to be found. If you want organic traffic to increase your customer base, your website must have quality content. One that corresponds and refers to the services you provide and where you lend them. That is, that your website makes clear what you do and where you do it.

With the keywords, applying generic rules does not work, it is necessary to carefully study each specific case and see which the best options are.

For example, for a law firm specializing in foreign law in Markham, it would be necessary to promote keywords (for example having a web page for each one) such as: “Obtain a residence permit in Markham”, “Application for a visa in Markham” , “Homologation of foreign degrees in Markham”, etc.

If you have an office with offices in several different towns or provinces, you will have to add the variable of the locality to the equation.

As we mentioned before, a good SEO positioning strategy will not bring you many customers today. However,  it will change your business in a few months if done correctly. It’s a recruitment channel that will allow your firm to grow in a sustainable and profitable way, but having the help of a professional with experience in the legal sector is essential.