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Will Blogging help SEO?

Blog Posts are one of the best tools that help a webpage to improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which means that it will have more probabilities to appear in the first results of the most popular web search engines.

The algorithm of search engines like Google uses “spiders” to make a balance between the relevance and popularity of the content. According to this, the search engine ranks it and shows the search results as a list, being the first the most appropriate and popular result for the search.

  • On-Page Optimization:

We are talking about all the efforts you can do inside the content of your website to optimize it, in order that search engines position it in a good spot of the ranking results.

  • Off-Page Optimization:

It’s about the external factors that influence in the positioning of your article, like its popularity on social networks, comments, etc.

Usually, the user trusts in the intelligence of the search engine and understands that it will have more luck while clicking on the first result than the tenth. That’s the reason why web pages consider to create a blog that not only makes their sites more visible but also to show its valuable content and knowledge about a determinate topic.

In this manner, the most important aspect every writer should consider to obtain excellent results is creating a relevant and quality content blog. Starting from this point, there is a series of simple tips that can help you a lot to make your blog posts more readable and affordable to your audience and improve your SEO in this way.

  1. Keywords are necessary!

            These are the base of the ON-page optimization in your article. We are talking about search criteria used to find specific information. If you optimize your website for a specific keyword and develop an SEO strategy, you will make that site shows between the firsts search results. In this way, you will get qualified traffic and bigger sales opportunities.

You need to be smart while using them, so the search engines can find you and show you to the world. Otherwise, you can have excellent quality content but it will be a waste if nobody discovers you.

To define the perfect keyword for your article you need to consider two factors:

  • The relationship with the content of the article you are writing
  • The volume of searches of that word in search engines like Google.

To help you on this matter, Google has a very simple but efficient tool. The Google Keyword Planner of Adwords. It won’t only let you know your keyword’s volume of search but also will suggest you related keywords that can be more important to access a bigger objective audience.

            Once you find the most appropriate keyword for your article, make sure it appears in strategic but relevant places of your writing. As the most recommended places, we can mention:

  • In the Main Heading (H1).
  • At least in one or two Sub Headings (H2)
  • At least three times in the article’s body.
  • In a bold or italic word.
  • At least once in the “Alt” of an image.
  • Once in the URL.
  • Once in the Meta Description.

2. The URL matters!

            You need to optimize every URL for each article on your website. Make sure it’s short and includes the keywords. Otherwise, the “spiders” can perceive it as Spam. If you already have articles on the internet, you can edit the URL without any problem by using WordPress.

3. The Heading (H1) is the main Target:

            This is the first place that the algorithm analyzes and pays attention, so you need to make sure to include the keyword in it. Besides, don’t make it too long; no more than 70 characters, including spaces, is the most recommended it’s the amount of content that search engines show in their results.

Create a Stunning Blog Post for SEO

4. Keep the naturalness in your Sub Headings (H2, H3, etc.)

             This is the second place that spiders analyze to check the content of your articles. We recommend optimizing the H2 Subheadings because they have more value. In this manner, place your keyword in some of them. It’s not necessary to mention it in each one of your subheadings because it will reduce the naturalness.

5. Optimize the body of your Blog Post for SEO:

            Try to include your keyword at least three times in your article. This amount can vary according to the length but don’t overcharge the content with the keyword because it will lose naturalness. In fact, Google can take this as a bad factor and consider your post as a low-quality article.

More than keywords, the most important when it comes to a Blog Post for SEO is your article. The content, your writing, is your best strategy. Make sure that it’s a high-quality original information with links, good images, videos and links that work as a trustable complementary information source for your readers. Starting from this point, all the actions you make around your content will work as optimizers.

6. Don’t take the Meta Description for granted:

            The Meta description is the content that appears under the title of a search result. They are generally 2 lines that give you a summary of the type of information you will find if you click on the article.  It should give the reader a reason to consider the article as a valuable content that will be useful for what it’s looking for.

Even when the tag of the Meta description is not a ranking factor for the Google’s algorithm, it’s the text that the search engines show in the results, for which it must be attractive and contain the keyword. In all the platforms for bloggers like WordPress, you can edit the Meta Description of your entries.


7. Images can be SEO optimized too:

            Name the images of your articles with the keyword or other words related to the topic of their content. In this way, they can appear in the first results of the images search, becoming another tool to drive traffic to your website.

This is called the “Alt-Text” or alternative text and you can easily change it in WordPress. Take in count that this will be the information that browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer shows to the readers in case that the image can’t be uploaded for any reason.

In addition, this is the text processed by the content reader tools to people with limited visual capabilities, so make sure to write something that explains the meaning of the image.

8. Connect your content with the Backlinks:

This is also one of the best ways to apply the Off-Page optimization and improve your blog post for SEO. Backlinks are all the pages that quote your article by using a link. When someone generates an external link from other site or blog, which directly points to our content, it’s generating a backlink that benefits us.

As more people quote your article on their sites, the Google “spiders” will consider you relevant and your article will have more weight to be at the top of the ranking. However, don’t try to cheat the algorithm by buying “Backlink packages”, because Google notices it and can consider it as spam.

As the best strategy to generate backlinks naturally and optimize your Blog for SEO, we can mention:

  • Asking other colleagues to share your links in their articles:

In this way, you are not just helping to develop a community but also you are becoming part of a “favor chain” that will benefit all parts involved.

  • Guest Blogging:

            This strategy consists of participating in blogs and forum where people discuss different topics and mention your site or a specific article if you think that may be helpful to solve that problem. In this manner, you become your own Backlink generator by offering your content as the answer to a common or specific issue.


Create a Stunning Blog Post for SEO

9. Share your articles on social networks!

          The Google spiders consider how much people mention your article in social networks, including the number of shares, likes, and comments on your articles. In this way, having the different buttons of “share” in your blog post is definitely necessary if you want to increase your presence on the internet and be considered as an authority on a topic.

Don’t forget that you are creating content for your audience, not for Google. Therefore, optimizing your blog is not about adding keywords everywhere. Some people only focus on these matters and when you click on their articles, you can’t get any valuable content.

You need to focus on optimizing your content but respecting, at the same time, the linguistic rules to let your users actually enjoy your articles. At the end of the day, your readers will be the ones to decide if your article is valuable enough to share in their personal social networks, comment or like. Make sure all your efforts are directed on providing them the best solutions to their needs!