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Why is Google AdWords a Powerful Booster for your Business?

It’s amazing to see how the traditional marketing has evolved into the big movement we experience today. Some years ago, you could find instruments to promote your brand or generate sales as TV ads, newspapers, mailing of brochures and advertising signs. Some of them...

It’s amazing to see how the traditional marketing has evolved into the big movement we experience today. Some years ago, you could find instruments to promote your brand or generate sales as TV ads, newspapers, mailing of brochures and advertising signs. Some of them were more expensive than others were, but almost all had a very little or inexistent segmentation.

             When the internet came to our lives, the promotion made an important step and nowadays, the digital marketing let us pay for results at a lower cost compared to the traditional strategies. What we love the most about this is the fact that you don’t need to own a big enterprise to start using tools that put your brand in the first results of a Search Engine like Google.

            That’s why we are going to share with you the essential details about Google AdWords, an online Google tool for business owners that will help you to reach your market target at the same time that you control the costs of your announces. You are the one who decides how much, when and how to pay to get immediate visibility with immediate results.

What is Google AdWords About?

Google AdWords is a system developed by Google, so anyone can make sponsored advertising inside its search’s results. Your message will appear once the internet users search for words or phrases related to what you are interested to show to the world.

We can see this sponsored Google Ads within the sections of “Announcements”, above and to the right. As a business, we only pay Google for anytime someone clicks on the ad, which is called “Cost per Click” (CPC).

How does Google AdWords work?

Any sponsored ad includes a text with the name of the product or service, an address and a brief description that we can manage from our Google AdWords account and it helps that our message reaches potential clients when they make a search on google.

The most important feature of Google AdWords is the fact that you can personalize geographically each announces for different users according to their profiles and navigation. If your target client is at a local level, using Google AdWords is as simple as segmenting correctly every campaign and your ads will reach those who are truly interested in your field. In this manner, you exclude locations and reduce costs with a more precise orientation.

Consider that the sponsored links are the result of a keyword auction, this means that the businesses or advertisers bid to appear in the top positions of the ad list for each search expression. Your rank position will depend on different things, but one of them will be your ability to choose the keywords and the price of the bid.

Google AdWords not only will make you appear in the search results when users find your products or services on Google. It also works with three more strategies:

1. Display Web:

Your ads will appear in web pages related to your field in a banner or text format.

2. Youtube Video Web:

It will let you create video campaigns to attract possible clients from Youtube or any other partner video platforms.

3. Remarketing:

It’s a feature that works with the Google AdSense tool and lets you to show your ads in other webs, exclusively to those users who visited your page before. It works this way:

• You have to install a specific code in our website that works through the browsers’ cookies.

• Then you need to create different lists from the different pages or categories of your website. For example, “Users who added products to the cart”, “Users who buy a determinate product”.

• Then you create in AdWords the remarketing campaigns that you will direct exclusively to those users you have in the previous lists. These type of announces will be customized only for these users with the purpose that they get back to your website and finish the objective you want.

These type of campaigns let you direct your ads only to those users who already visited your web. In this manner, it creates in your users, the impression that your company is launching a huge marketing campaign all over the internet by constantly showing your ads in many of the websites that use the Google AdSense system.

The Reasons why you need Google AdWords in your Business!

1. Measure your results:

You can monitor and make a complete following of all your progress and advertising campaigns. All the data and statistics obtained will let you analyze the behavior of users and know what generates more clicks to improve your ads. With the Google Analytics tool, you can study and compare which keywords worked better, from which countries we receive more visits or in what time we obtain more conversions.

2. Connect with your potential customers:

By using the extensions of Google AdWords, you won’t only be able to promote an image, video or a text in your ad. You could also use the Google MyBusiness tool to show contact information like the phone number, addresses, download of apps, links to land pages, opinions, etc. These extensions appear in a blue color, below the description of your ad.

You can even show the exact location of your enterprise, which is great because it makes easier for clients to connect with your business.

3. Manage your Advertising’s budget:

You decide how much you are willing to spend on advertising. This is very important because you can settle a maximum budget in each campaign you run and the top of the daily/monthly expense.

4. It will be a compliment to your SEO strategy:

When the website of your business is not is not well positioned, in a natural way, at the top results of a Google Search for determinate keywords, with a Google AdWords campaign you can potentiate their positioning. This is an excellent complement in the short run to get good results in Google and increase the visits of potential customers.

5. You will get more conversions:

Google AdWords is not the only platform to place your ads. However, it’s the only one that makes you personalize our campaign as much as you can. You can make changes very quickly, which will make you reach more objectives if you design a good strategy.

6. You obtain results in the short run:

Unlike the SEO strategy that could take months in having results according to the keywords that you want to position, with Google AdWords you can have results from the very first moment that you activate your campaign.

7. You have a guaranteed visibility:

Regardless of your SEO strategy, with Google AdWords, you will guarantee your presence in the search engine results. Besides, the link that will appear in the ad will be the landing page that you have selected, instead of the one with better positioning. In this way, you make sure that the internet user finds what it wants and reach the exact site to make the conversion.

The way that Google AdWord rotates the ads let smaller enterprises with lower daily budgets to appear above the ads of other enterprises with bigger budgets of digital marketing. Remember that Google doesn’t only takes in count the price per click you are willing to pay, but also valorizes other aspects, such as the landing page or the ad’s text.

8. The results are faster than you think:

With Google AdWords, everything is easier because you set your account, create the ads and in the following hours, you will start receiving visitors. Soon, you will improve the performances of your campaigns, amortizing your budget and reducing the cost per ad.

We have no doubt that Google AdWords is a great tool to increase the visibility of our business and the traffic website, increasing the probabilities to concrete sales. However, you need to take it seriously because otherwise, you could waste money by directing your campaign to the wrong audience.

Consider having a professional of digital marketing in your team because you need to pay much attention to all the changes or issues you deal during the campaign. This will let you adapt it and create the strategy you need.

It’s also necessary to improve the quality of the landing page that our ad promotes by adding valuable content with an easy and quick navigation to provide an excellent user’s experience. This will help you to take the best advantage of the opportunity that Google AdWords gives you to reach the best return on investment (ROI) possible.

If you want to run your first Google AdWords campaign or you need deeper advice about it, consider that we count with the Google Official Certificate that recognizes us as professionals in the Online Marketing. With this certificate, Google trusts us to manage online advertising campaigns in an optimum way. We can help to make you grow your business efficiently by creating and managing the Google AdWords Campaign that you need.