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All the law marketing companies in Markham agree that Pay Per Click advertising is as important as any other investment in your business. It brings potential customers to your website and from that point; it’s your job to convert these people into paying customers.

This is the process where you need to put all your efforts and knowledge because if you fail, you waste the money spent on clicks. Otherwise, this could be a great investment.

PPC (Pay Per Click or Pay Per Click) is a digital advertising channel used to drive traffic to your website and turn them into customers. Google Adwords makes use of search engines and allows you to bid on the keywords that interest your target or target group. Hand in hand with PPC campaigns is the CPC, also known as Cost Per Click.

The constantly changing landscape of pay-per-click campaigns can be challenging and overwhelming unless you prepare yourself with the right knowledge. If you have a better understanding of the process, you can easily find opportunities to increase your return on investment from your PPC campaign.

When improving a PPC campaign, the most important KPI shouldn’t be ignored: the conversion rate.


Realities about Adwords conversions according to law marketing companies in Markham:

The business conversion that Adwords has to perform before making an investment:

Many of the companies that are going to invest in a PPC strategy to maximize their conversion rate do not need help with their campaigns. You need help in your business in general. In this manner, before asking for this help, you need a complete review of your business and your campaigns.

Google Adwords ALWAYS works, if everything related to the services your business offers ALSO works. If the ecosystem that your company understands has no deficiencies, Adwords will be the perfect complement to your campaigns.

Most companies resort to campaigns in Adwords because they have seen that the competition does it or because they believe this is the solution to relaunch their company, at no time do they stop to think if they really need it, and if they need it, they wonder how to maximize the ROI?

Next, we will teach you to audit your Google Adwords campaigns to increase your performance, but always from one perspective: the increase in the conversion rate.

Any positive Return of Investment (ROI) is a good one, which means that if you pay $8 on Pay Per Click and receive $10 from a sale of your product, you come out with a positive ROI of $2.

If we want to see it as a percentage, it would be:

ROI= (Sales of your product or service – Pay Per Click Investment) / Pay Per Click Investment

Having a good understanding of the ROI involves thinking and working in different aspects such as:

  • Knowing what does a positive ROI look like to you.
  • How much do you need to make before it’s worth the time of running the ad?


Calculate your ROI:

           The definition of the Return on Investment is basically the profit minus the costs, all divided by the costs which are a good starting point that sadly doesn’t cover all the scenarios.

The Return on Ad Spend or ROAS is a way of calculating ROI specifically for PPC and other ways of advertising. It’s a more simplified technique to calculate ROI because it doesn’t try to calculate your whole business profits and costs into the factor.

It’s actually very simple:

  • Take your ad budget for Pay Per Click (PPC) for a given time span.
  • Calculate how much you made based on the visitors who came in from your PPC ads.
  • Compare both numbers into the formula we give you before.

It’s very important that you keep your analytics very present to measure how much you made from PPC newcomers in a determinate period. However, when it comes to calculating the cost in the ROI formula, you need to include factors beyond the money you invest in the PPC such as:

  • The cost of the ad copy and image design.
  • The time you spend on it.
  • The number of employees.
  • The cost of keeping your website

In addition, you need to make a deep analysis of your profits, being as specific as you need to be with your costs because some profits are very easy to see and tangible in the immediate conversions. However, other ones are harder to identify like the Profit Per Intention Model, which is the eventual potential profit from leads generated by your PPC.


The Next Step is Setting Goals!

Law marketing companies in Markham affirm that the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is the best method to calculate your PPC because you don’t need to know the overall profits and expenses from your business to calculate full business ROI because these amounts will be the same whether your PPC is active or not.

If you want to determine how sufficient is your ROAS, is vital to set goals, identifying how much of a return do you want in a given time. Setting a PPC goal is easy, you just need to make a guess of how much do you want to boost your profit in a given time. This will be possible if you figure out how many clicks you can reasonably expect to get in a given time on a determinate ad.

In this manner, with a business making a $10,000 weekly profit, you learn that with 5,000 clicks at a 5% conversion rate you at your average cart price; you can boost that profit to $15,000 per week.  Your ROI for the ads would be that extra $5,000, minus by the cost of the 5,000 clicks, and then divided by that cost.


Which is an acceptable ROI?

At the moment that you have a predicted ROI, you can make a judgment call. Ask yourself if that projection is the most or the least you can possibly receive. Think if you can come up with a more satisfactory amount.

Basically, what you need to do is using the information you crunched to set a minimum targeted ROI for your PPC advertisings because it will represent a benchmark. For example, imagine that you expect to make $4000 in profits, but you know that with a lower conversion rate and higher than expected click costs, you might only pull in $2000, which will become the minimum benchmark.

Any other ROI under this amount won’t be acceptable. Otherwise, any ROI at or above that level becomes a worthwhile ROI according to law marketing companies in Markham.

With the PPC, you can adjust your campaigns and your data will be there to measure. In this manner, you can monitor if your campaign is performing poorly so you can adjust it with changes such as:

  • Adjust keyword targets to cheaper – or higher converting – keywords.
  • Change the targeted number of clicks to increase profits or cut losses.
  • Adjust ad copy to encourage further conversions.
  • Modify the site-landing page to boost the conversion rate.

As one of the best law marketing companies in Markham, Digital Media will provide you the best advice on how to identify and calculate your ROI on Pay Per Click campaigns and conversions, so you can take the best decisions to lead your company.