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It’s a fact that your marketing strategy won’t be complete without the paid search advertising. However, it’s very common the fact that you want to find the best agency in your zone in Google AdWords and you don’t even know where to start.
In this manner, we will share with you all the aspects you should consider to choose the perfect digital marketing agency. The first and most important of all is making sure that It has the badge for Google Partners. Let’s start!

What does it mean to be a Google Partner?

              Google Partners is “Google’s program for agencies, professionals and other advisors who are dedicated to the management of AdWords accounts.” We are talking about a Google service that brings together those agencies and professionals capable of managing an AdWords campaign.

              I say “capable” because not everyone gets a place as a Google Partners. You have to meet a series of requirements that make Google recognize you, or your agency, as a professional advertising in its search engine.

              The fact that the agency you choose belongs to Google Partners is a guarantee that Google considers it a good option for you. Who better than Google to ensure that someone will do well advertising in AdWords?

              You can know very easily if an agency belongs to the Google Partners program or not. If so, you will see the logo displayed in a visible part of its website.

What do agencies need to obtain the Google Partners’ badge!

For an agency to consider itself a Google partner, it must meet certain requirements:

• At least one of your employees must be certified in AdWords.
In other words, a Partners agency assures you that at least, one of its professionals has studied and approved the Google Adwords certificate. To obtain it, the professional must have passed two official Google exams that accredit him as an expert in the subject.

• The agency should have some experience with campaigns and comply with a series of “good practices”.

In other words, is about doing things well and going a little further, including functionalities to campaigns that only an AdWords expert could do.

For a marketing agency, connecting with Google is the same as improving its competitiveness. Partners must know not only the operation of campaigns formats and analytics, they also must be up to date on strategy and innovation. Therefore, accompanying a brand with the Google badge means presenting itself as a quality agency, expert in digital marketing.

On the other hand, the continuity of a company within the Partners program depends on the positive feedback that its customers generate regarding their advertising work with Google.

A good agency must be honest and offer you a personalized service!

I usually distrust the agencies that have determined prices for services like AdWords. It seems very complicated to standardize something like that. Depending on each client, their objectives and their type of business, you will have to do one thing or another. And, most importantly, not all customers do the same thing!

A good AdWords agency should study your case in a personalized way, your sector, and your competence before making any proposal. In addition, if you don’t want to do AdWords, you should be able to communicate it.

Some clients are determined to do AdWords because some random person has recommended them so. Then it turns out that an agency finds that your product does not make any sense to advertise in search engines. Sincerity here is the most important because otherwise, it can be a waste of time and money for both the agency and the client.

Your agency must offer you a tracking of your campaigns!

Generally, the AdWords campaigns have a small problem. It happens that once one it starts, it is very easy to forget about it and let it roll by itself. A non-professional AdWords agency will create it and leave it forgotten until you or someone on your team remembers it and it’s too late. An advertising campaign on Google is something tremendously dynamic. Agencies need to be very aware of if they want it to succeed and achieve all the goals proposed.

We are saying that a good agency will always review your AdWords campaign. It should make the changes that it deems necessary to boost your campaign for the better. This is known as “optimizing campaigns”.

Also, keep in mind that an AdWords campaign is useless if you don’t measure it, and measuring is not easy. Apart from basic metrics such as CTR, Google gives advertisers the chance to measure conversions of the ads on their own website.

For example, we can see if a user makes a purchase in our online store after clicking on an AdWords ad. This goes much further. If we take advantage of Google Analytics, we can also see which pages they visit when they access AdWords and a thousand other features.

The agency should make a report of the results (metrics, conversions, ROI …) every so often; depending on how they work, will be more or less often.

Start your marketing campaign with the bests!

Here, at Digitan Media, we have our Google Partners badge. We are more than ready to help you design or improve a marketing strategy that fits great with the needs and goals of your business.

The fact that an agency belongs to the Partners program ensures that they are professionals and, according to Google itself, they know what they do. In addition, it provides an advisory service to these agencies, so behind your campaign, there will be a Google expert watching that everything goes well.

With this idea, we are not saying that every single agency of Google Partners is good. Nor that all those who are not are bad. As you have read, there are other points that you should consider to make sure you are working with the best team!

Creating a campaign and running it is relatively easy. The tricky thing is in the small details, which are what will ensure the success of your campaign. AdWords has hundreds of features and options. You have to know how to use them to create a campaign that really works. There are many types of campaigns (search network, Display, Remarketing, Video …) and we will recommend you the one that best suits your needs!