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It’s not a secret for anyone that we are in the middle of a digital revolution. Many entrepreneurs are adapting their business’ vision the Digital Marketing. They are focusing more than ever on the network, in all the advantages and possibilities that internet offers. For example, nowadays being in Google is vital to provide the enterprise with a worldwide recognition, positioning it at the top of its sector to become the leaders of their competition.

The Digital Marketing is the application of the traditional marketing strategies in the digital media. All the techniques in the off-line world are adapted and translated to the online environment. It’s a compliment, not a substitute for the traditional marketing because it offers many more possibilities in a connected atmosphere. Nowadays, Digital Marketing is the best way to potentiate and position a business. You don’t need to own a big enterprise to consider necessary its presence on the internet. That’s why we will share with you the 6 most important reasons why all entrepreneurs should consider the Digital Marketing to improve the grow of their businesses.

1. If your enterprise is not on the internet, “It doesn’t exist”:

The presence of your enterprise on the internet will provide you the widest scope. Any person in the world can get to your business with only a click. One of the main benefits of Digital Marketing isthe possibility to offer your products or services online and increase your customer’s portfolio. This is the most efficient way to be available for your clients anytime they need it. However, is not just about creating the online platform to connect your business with your clients. The biggest challenge about it is to position your enterprise in one of the first spots in the seekers of your potential customers. People who look for services or products related to yours on the internet, need to find your company not only as the first but also as the best option to acquire what they want. Following SEO positioning strategies will be the first key for this purpose.

2. Digital Marketing promotes the Loyalty of your Clients:

Through Digital Marketing, your enterprise will count with additional online communication channels. The Social Networks are a great example of it. They are excellent platforms where clients can express their satisfaction, experience and benefits of your business through positive comments to a wide audience. This helps to attract new consumers and invites the enterprise to build a long and lasting relationship with their current and potential clients. However, you need to be careful at the same time because nowadays, the reputation of a brand means everything. Being exposed also involves a huge responsibility with the need to pay even more attention to guarantee the satisfaction of your clients. Make sure your business communicates frequently with your clients, through email marketing, social network or other online media. The needs and wishes of clients must be replied as fast as possible. A good reputation with references of satisfied clients help the business to differentiate itself from its competitors and be in the top with the biggest companies.


3. Increase the Credibility of your Business:
Take advantage of Social Networks to share quality content with your clients that be useful for them. Many enterprises don’t do it and just want to sell their products, which is annoying for the audience. Unsatisfied clients can produce a serious damage to the reputation of your business that will be traduced in a decrease of your sells. Try to create interesting stuff, dynamic content and promote the participation of your readers in Social Networks through comments, conversations, etc. In this manner, not only your enterprise will increase its presence in the online world, but also its credibility. It’s the best tool to establish your brand in the mind of your followers. Another great advantage of Social Networks is the fact that they don’t require great investments and they can increase the traffic in your website. Find a subtle way to keep your clients informed about the discounts, promotions and latest news about your company to attract them to your online or physical store.

4. An excellent way to Improve your Competitiveness:

It’s a reality that the biggest enterprises are conscious about the huge importance of digital media, increasing its competitiveness in the market. However, what many entrepreneurs don’t know is the fact that the Digital Marketing perfectly allows the small business with little investments, to be in the race with the greatest ones.
A very simple Digital Marketing strategy for all kind of business is using the “Google Alert” free tool to know what kind of information is coming out of your enterprise and your competitors. In this manner, you can adapt your strategies to be always a step forward to your competition and improve your results.

5. You need to Identify your Audience and save money:

What makes Digital Marketing so important is the fact that it’s actually accessible to all type of companies. The main tools and social networks are free and the important investment is based on the formation of your work team in order to take advantage of all these tools on the internet. Economically, the Digital Marketing requires less budget for advertising campaigns. For example, with social networks, the PYMES can explode the digital local segmentation directed to a specific destiny. This avoids that small business spends huge amounts of money by promoting advertising campaigns for the wrong audience. Before Digital Marketing, having an advertising space meant a huge investment and the campaign wasn’t necessarily effective. Enterprises thought that putting their ads on TV or a huge building was enough because they had “visibility”. However, they realized that it was not only about how much people saw the advertising but also how many actually connected with it and acquired their products or services. In this manner, the advertising became more efficient and personalized. The Digital Marketing helps small business to identify their audience in gender, age, geographic location, hobbies, and interests. This will let you spend the right amount of money in an advertising campaign that actually gets to the people that will be more likely to connect with your brand.

6. It will help you to make a wise use of your Marketing Budget:

A recent study by Nielsen and the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA), affirms that marketers in Canada are taking advantage of the technological tools to measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns, including the following aspects:

  • The scope of the campaign.
  • The level of influence in the opinion about the brand.
  • The direct impact of the influence in the sales.

This is very important because if you make a detailed analysis of your digital marketing strategy, you can measure its impact. In this manner, you can adapt the campaigns to your budget, having better results with fewer resources.

Challenges for the Digital Marketing Movement:

The phenomenon of digital marketing, tied with the technologic revolution is happening worldwide. One of its biggest challenges is the constant evolution of programs and systems, which makes more difficult the work of being updated in the field. Is about “staying connected” that’s why all type of business need to count with experts inside their
work team. Canada is the first worldwide country to prioritize the Digital Marketing as a strategy to grow businesses of all sizes. They are constantly focused on keeping pace with the competition and increase their audience. Content marketing is one of the main areas of interest and investments for marketers in Canada, this is increasing the competitiveness of their business, gaining the interactions of customers in front of traditional publishers. This country shows a strong belief in the power of Digital Marketing, especially after Canada’s new anti-spam legislation (CASL), which was a challenge for the former e-mail marketing campaigns because some companies even lost 50 percent of their
subscribers overnight. However, this law only pushed the innovation of Digital Marketers in Canada who have come with new and more organic ideas to develop quality marketing strategies and getting to better results. According to the 2015 State of Marketing Report, 96 percent of Canadian companies have decided to increase their budgets on marketing activities and technologies every year. This shows that the entrepreneurs of both countries perfectly understand the
importance of having a strong space in the digital media, tied with the creation of even stronger bonds with their clients.
Even knowing that some countries are more advanced than others are in this field, there is no doubt that in some years, all business will depend on this movement and its influence on the markets. It’s very important to understand that Digital Marketing is not only applicable to your website. To have resulted in the short run, you need to develop a real strategy that can perfectly take place with the available resources. The first step is to bring your company within the reach of your potential clients and then, use all the necessary tools to turn them into loyal customers, committed to your brand!